Variogate and dividers

With a MIMsafe VarioGate it is possible to create a enclosed area of the entire luggage compartment that can be used for the transport of dogs or anything else you want to keep protected. MIMsafe VarioGate is adjustable in terms of height, width and depth, making it suitable for most cars without a threshold in the rear.

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Variogate Single Tailgate Guard For Dogs traveling in car
Variogate Single G4

With a MIMsafe VarioGate in combination with a MIMsafe Safety net or Variobarrier, you create an inclosed part in the luggage compartment thet can be used for transporting of pets or other loads that you want to secure.

NB! Variogate Single can be installed only with VarioDivider.

Variogate is perfect for transporting pets or securing other items in the car. Safeguard during transport and waiting periods.
Variogate Double G4

Utilizing a MIMsafe VarioGate allows you to establish an enclosed section in the luggage compartment. This space is ideal for transporting pets or securing other items during transit.

Variogate Divider (short)
VarioDivider M for Variogate TailGuard

Variogate Divider splits your car's cargo area into two separate sections.

NB! VarioDivider can only be installed with the Variogate Tail Guard!

MIMsafe Cover: a foldable bumper protection
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MIMsafe Cover: a foldable bumper protection
31.50 Regular price 35.00

Protects your car’s bumper from dirt, sharp objects and scratches when loading or  when your dog is jumping in or out of your car.