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Dog Copenhagen Go Explorer™...
Dog Copenhagen Go Explorer™ Belt Bag

The Go Explore™ belt bag from DOG Copenhagen is perfect to carry your everyday essentials in compact format while out and about exploring with your dog.

Reflector with SmartDog.ee...
Reflector with SmartDog.ee logo

Soft reflector, which has Smartdog.ee logo hidden iside it. Be visible - buy one for yourself or your friend!

Mystique® Dummy Training...
Mystique® Dummy Training Skirt waxed brown

The Mystique Dummy Skirt is a practical tool for every dog trainer. Despite its compact size, it serves as a replacement for both a dummy vest and a dummy bag.

Jahikoera jälgimisseade Huntloc
Tracking collar for smaller hunting dogs

A mobile network-based tracking device designed for hunting dogs, providing information on the dog's location and movement regardless of distance. The kit includes a tracking device, a dog collar (size S), a charger, and a one-year subscription to internet and Huntloc usage license.

Jahikoera jälgimisseade Huntloc
Tracking device for smaller dogs - Doglo

A mobile network-based dog tracking device that provides a detailed overview of the dog's location and movement regardless of distance. The kit includes the tracking device, a dog collar (size S), a charger, and one year of internet access.

NiteDog laetav LED kaelarihm
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NiteIze® Glowstreak LED-ball + SpotLit blinker
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Illuminated, color-changing LED ball is waterproof, perfect for dark mornings and evenings. The set also includes a brilliantly lit SpotLit pendant, which makes your and your dog's walks safer in the dark.

Jahikoera jälgimisseade Huntloc
Tracking collar Huntloc - for bigger hunting dogs

A tracking device based on mobile coverage. Provides an overview of the location and movement of your hunting dog, regardless of the distance. The set includes a tracking device, a dog collar (size L), a charger and 1 year of internet and Huntloc license.

MicroLink™ Pet Tag Carabiner
MicroLink™ Pet Tag Carabiner

Split rings and other unruly tag attachments are no match for MicroLink Pet. This streamlined micro carabiner allows you to easily clip, change, and secure your pet’s tags onto a collar or harness to keep them identifiable no matter where they stray.

JULIUS-K9 ® Treat bag with adjustable waistbelt
JULIUS-K9 ® Treat bag

The closable treat bag, which is made from a quality harness material, is easy to attach to the waist.

Dog bed Vetbed
Dog bed Vetbed

A well-known mat with a non-slip bottom, Vetbed is a soft, comfortable, and allergy-free bedding for your dog. Size: approx. 80 x 100 cm.

Kiwi Walker kakakotid 5 x 15 tk
Kiwi Walker Poo Bags 5 x 15 pcs

Eco-friendly and colourful Kiwi Walker's biodegradable dog waste bags – 75 vibrant colored rolls for responsible pet care!