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Delicious treats for your dog, cat, and ferret!

A large selection of various freeze-dried meat and seafood delicacies is made 100% from one raw material, without additives or dyes. Among the various dog treats, you can also find something suitable for a dog on an exclusion diet or who is allergic. Cats and ferrets are also crazy about these treats. One jar of Kiwi Walker freeze-dried treats contains approx. 2.5 dl; the small number of grams is deceiving.

The Himalayan cheese stick is suitable for longer chewing; choose the right size chew stick according to the size of your dog.

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Kiwi Walker Protein Treat
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Kiwi Walker Protein Treat
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A natural chewy treat made from yak and zebu milk. Low fat content, lasts a long time. Chew sticks in three different sizes.

Kiwi Walker freeze-dried treats for dogs and cats - 100% natural. Only meat or fish - just without water!
Kiwi Walker Freeze Dried Treats - Meat and Seafood

These freeze-dried treats from Kiwi Walker are free of additives and colors. Suitable as a training treat and/or snack for both large and small pets, the jar contains ca 5 dl of cubes. A jar with a screw-on lid makes storage and accessing treats easy and convenient.