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  • "Dog is man’s best friend" and you should take care of your friends. To take the dog along in the car is something most of us do, but in which way and how do we plan for our dogs being safe at their place? Our safety-cages which give unique protection to both humans and animals during an unexpected accident. The cages are constructed to reach the highest level of safety and are the only ones on the market that fulfil the demands at rear-end collisions. The safety cages are made of steel and are sprayed in grey and black shades. No features can hurt the dog. During an unexpected accident the escape door in the rear of the cage can be used. The cages are absolutely silent – no noise. All models are equipped with a rubber carpet. MIM Construction AB offers the highest level of safety For more than twenty years, Mim Construction AB has worked with functional designs of safety details in the vehicle industry. We have documentation from hundreds of crash-tests, where our protection details are used. Mim has followed the major car-manufacturers´ use of crumple-zones. The Variocage was developed based on our long experience in the production of safety accessories.

    The depth of Variocage crates is adjustable: 

  • With a MIMsafe VarioGate it is possible to create a enclosed area of the entire luggage compartment that can be used for the transport of dogs or anything else you want to keep protected. MIMsafe VarioGate is adjustable in terms of height, width and depth, making it suitable for most cars without a threshold in the rear.

  • Explore our range of high-quality dog nets specially crafted to create a secure and confined space within your vehicle for your dog(s). Designed with durable materials to provide a reliable barrier between the back seat and the rest of the car, these ensure your pets remain safe and secure during travel.

    Easy installation, universal fit

    Easy to install and adjustable to fit various car models, these barriers offer the perfect solution for dog owners seeking a stress-free and secure travel experience. These nets are designed to keep your pets safely contained in the cargo area, preventing them from accessing the front seats and ensuring a distraction-free drive. Our cargo barriers are not only functional but also stylish, seamlessly integrating into your vehicle's interior while providing the peace of mind that your pets are comfortable and secure.

    Make every journey with your four-legged companions a joyous and secure experience with our premium selection of Dog Nets and Cargo Barriers. Explore our collection today and prioritize the safety and well-being of your beloved pets on the road.

  • Different covers for seats and cargo area, bumper protectors, dog ramps and other useful items.

  • Travel bowls, clickers, laundry bags, travel beds, treat bags and many other useful items.

  • Delicious treats for your dog, cat, and ferret!

    A large selection of various freeze-dried meat and seafood delicacies is made 100% from one raw material, without additives or dyes. Among the various dog treats, you can also find something suitable for a dog on an exclusion diet or who is allergic. Cats and ferrets are also crazy about these treats. One jar of Kiwi Walker freeze-dried treats contains approx. 2.5 dl; the small number of grams is deceiving.

    The Himalayan cheese stick is suitable for longer chewing; choose the right size chew stick according to the size of your dog.

  • Dummies from canvas and/or fur in different shapes and sizes, whistles, leads, dummy bags and vests, hunting scents, marking flags and sticks etc.

  • Carefully selected toys for your dog - soft, bouncy, squeaky, tuggable, throwable, glow-in-the-dark, floatable, treat-filled - choose based on your best friend's taste.

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Chuckit! Ultra Ball
Chuckit! Ultra Bumper Tug

Ultra Bumper Tug is made from the same high-quality, durable materials as Chuckit!'s best-selling Ultra Ball. Thanks to attached rope it allows for 2 ways to play: tug it or fetch it, both on dry land and in water.

Reflector with SmartDog.ee...
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Reflector with SmartDog.ee logo

Soft reflector, which has Smartdog.ee logo hidden iside it. Be visible - buy one for yourself or your friend!

Dry Wax tins 50ml
Dry Wax tins 50ml

Waxed Cotton is a unique high quality fabric, Dry Wax Tin is meant for its care.

Chuckit! Classic Launcher
Chuckit! Fetch & Fold Launcher

A terrific way to exercise your dog without wearing yourself out with the Chuckit!® Classic Launcher! 

Mystique® Dummy Training...
Mystique® Dummy Training Skirt waxed brown

The Mystique Dummy Skirt is a practical tool for every dog trainer. Despite its compact size, it serves as a replacement for both a dummy vest and a dummy bag.

Chuckit! Ultra Ball
Chuckit! Ultra Tumbler Ball

Designed for the most demanding use, the Chuckit!® Ultra Ball® is not your dog's ordinary ball. Simply put, this is the best ball for the game of fetch. Developed to have high bounce, high buoyancy, high visibility and high durability.

Mystique dummy „Standard“ 500 g
Mystique Winter Dummy 165 g

The Mystique® winter dummy has the dimensions of a 500gr standard dummy, but is significantly lighter in weight and has a long throwing line - ideal for snowy conditions 

NiteDog laetav LED kaelarihm
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NiteIze® Glowstreak LED-ball + SpotLit blinker
16.48 Regular price 25.35

Illuminated, color-changing LED ball is waterproof, perfect for dark mornings and evenings. The set also includes a brilliantly lit SpotLit pendant, which makes your and your dog's walks safer in the dark.

Chuckit! Rope Fetch
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  • -15%
Chuckit! Rope Fetch
20.27 Regular price 23.85

Kick it! Tug it! Throw it! The Chuckit!® Rope Fetch™ dog toy combines three ways to play into one unique toy.

mystique Dummy "Sniffle" orange with fur
Mystique Dummy "Sniffle" orange with fox fur

Mystique® Dummy Fox Sniffle with fur might always be in your pocket while walking with your dog prepared for an immediate training whenever and wherever you want.