Variocage crash tested crates

"Dog is man’s best friend" and you should take care of your friends. To take the dog along in the car is something most of us do, but in which way and how do we plan for our dogs being safe at their place? Our safety-cages which give unique protection to both humans and animals during an unexpected accident. The cages are constructed to reach the highest level of safety and are the only ones on the market that fulfil the demands at rear-end collisions. The safety cages are made of steel and are sprayed in grey and black shades. No features can hurt the dog. During an unexpected accident the escape door in the rear of the cage can be used. The cages are absolutely silent – no noise. All models are equipped with a rubber carpet. MIM Construction AB offers the highest level of safety For more than twenty years, Mim Construction AB has worked with functional designs of safety details in the vehicle industry. We have documentation from hundreds of crash-tests, where our protection details are used. Mim has followed the major car-manufacturers´ use of crumple-zones. The Variocage was developed based on our long experience in the production of safety accessories.


  • When you carry two dogs in the car, they should sit separately and not be able to reach one other. The mid-section easily adjusts sideways if one of the dogs needs more space. If you have a large dog or if you want to give a single dog more space, the mid-section is easily detached. The cage can easily be “tailor-made” for the car by the owner (see data below in metric measurements).

  • Variocage Single Crate is safe and very practical. Space is left for other items. In a few simple adjustments the depth of the cage can be adjusted to the size of your car.

  • MultiCage is a safe and very practical dog cage that offers a safe place for those who are really matters to you if an accident suddenly appear. The robust construction and its square design make the cage suitable for transport vehicles, motorhomes, multi-vans and pickups. Accessories as special anchoring tools, make it possible to connect several cages to each other in an efficient manner are available if needed.

  • Care² is a safe and very practical portable dog cage that offers a safe place for your pet when traveling. With its unique shape and design, you get a well thought out crash protection in all directions if an accident after all is there. Clear attachment points indicate where to put the car’s usual safety belt when installed. Care² fits just as well in the front passenger seat as in the rear seat. With its unique design, Care² makes it easy for you to keep in touch with your pet while driving. Care² is available in two sizes, a smaller model for pets up to 5kg and a larger one for pets up to 9kg.

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