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Mystique® Dummy Standard 500g with pheasant pelt


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Mystique® Dummy Standard 500 g with Pheasant Pelt is covered with complete pheasant feathers, which is ideal for training the dog on real game birds. Using pheasant scent, which is on our offer too, you can enhance the attraction of the dummy much more.

The dummy is made of strong and durable canvas and as it contains a special filling, it is also able to float on the water, but in case the dummy is wet, dry it off at room temperature! Do not let your dog play with the dummy!


• high quality

• strong and durable canvas
• ergonomic plastic toggle
• suitable for water and field training
• preparation for working with real game birds
• pheasant feathers
• pheasant scent applicable (on our offer)
• for dogs over 6 months of age

Colours: pheasant feathers
Dimensions: length ca. 25 cm + 25 cm tail, ø ca. 6,5 cm
Weight: 500 g

: 00238
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Mystique® Dummy Standard 500g with pheasant pelt

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